About - Zidello, LLC

Meet Zidello: The Fun & Unique Company That Grew Out of One Simple Idea

"At Zidello we believe in giving simple and elegant gifts to those we care about. We strive to provide you with superior customer service while you stand out from the crowd as you give a customized gift for any special occassion. Come partake in the Zidello experience - from buying a custom item to seeing the pure joy of someone opening it!"

Here at Zidello, we’re deeply passionate about offering simple, elegant and high quality unique gifts that we know that you’re going to love (or love to give!) for many years to come. Our store and product line concepts began as a tiny idea, that has now grown into something much bigger. When the 10-year wedding anniversary arrived for myself and my husband, I was stuck as to what to get him for a gift. He was one of those people who had just about everything. What I needed to get him was something unique. Something different. Something unexpected!

My husband loved playing cards. So, it was in that very moment that I decided to create two really unique t-shirts for him that had printed a few funny things he’d say during his card games. When I gave him the shirts, he absolutely loved them! In fact, he still wears those same two t-shirts to this day. At the time, little did I know that other friends and family members would also love the shirts. It wasn’t long until they began asking how they could get their own personalized shirts as well. Both my husband and I suddenly realized we had a potential (and profitable) business on our hands, and that’s when we joined forces and created Zidello. Fast forward to now, and we offer all types of unique and very popular products that includes personalized mugs, journals, and just about everything else in between!

With our extensive customer experience of over 35 years, and our unique knack for creating “quirky” yet elegant products that people love, Zidello has become a big hit online. We couldn’t be more proud of not only what our company and products have become, but we absolutely love providing the best customer service possible to our loyal customers as well.

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